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User guides

Here you can find user guides for TRIDENT modules, in Adobe pdf format.



What's new? (in croatian)


  CADDS R14 - Što je novo? 790KB
  Što je novo u TRIDENT-u? 363KB


Basic CADDS (in croatian)


  Osnovni CADDS 1717KB
  Osnovni CADDS - POLITEHNIKA Priručnik za vježbe 821KB


Naval Calculations - SEAKING


  Seaking User's Manual Integral version, 2980KB
  0 Content  
  1 General Chapter 1, 260KB
  2 Hull Definition Chapter 2, 600KB
  3 Hydrostatics & Stability Chapter 3, 600KB
  4 Compartment Definition Chapter 4, 430KB
  5 Damage Stability Chapter 5, 830KB
  6 Loading Conditions Chapter 6, 240KB
  7 Propeller Calculation Chapter 7, 30KB


Hull Structure (in croatian)

  0 Sadržaj (opći) 109KB
    Sadržaj (brodogradilište BRODOTROGIR) 110KB
    Sadržaj (brodogradilište ULJANIK) 111KB
  1 Poglavlja 1-9 (.zip, 5140KB)
  2 Dodaci A-M (.zip, 3423KB)
  3 Što je novo u TRIDENT-u? 363KB
    Struktura trupa broda - POLITEHNIKA Priručnik za vježbe 1110KB



To read TRIDENT documentation and brochures you will need Adobe® Reader® viewer.



TRIDENT brochure

Download new materials to learn more about TRIDENT and it's NESTING module.


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