USCS - Uljanik Shipbuilding Computer Systems - established in 1994, emerged from the ULJANIK Shipyard departments that in the seventies have started introducing computer graphics both in ship design and technology.


Basic activity of the company is the development and implementation of CAE/CAD/CAM and PDM systems in shipbuilding industry.


The result of the development through many years is the TRIDENT shipbuilding CAE/CAD/CAM system, developed as an integrated part of the PTC® CADDS®5i system.


Our strategic goal is a continuous improvement of the TRIDENT system, following the trends of shipbuilding technologies as well as the needs of the engineers and technicians involved in the ship design process.







USCS on ICCAS 2013

An article about TRIDENT ShipExplorer platform will be presented on ICCAS conference in Busan, Korea. More



USCS on SORTA 2012

With three articles an actual developmnet state of the TRIDENT ShipExplorer modules will be presented on SORTA conference in Brodarski institut, Zagreb. More



USCS on ICCAS 2011

An article about new TRIDENT modules was presented on ICCAS in Trieste, Italy. More



USCS on SORTA 2010

New achievements in TRIDENT system development will be presented on SORTA conference in Lumbarda, on the Korčula island. More

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